Thank You Lynda

Rest in Peace Lynda Ann Healy

It is more than forty years since you were gone. I’ll never forget you, Lynda.

You were kind, loving and caring, I love you. 

I’ll never forget your help and support. 


Sweet roses for Ted’s victims

We love them because they were pretty girls who loved life. They were humans. They had families and led a a normal life. Until Ted came and stole their lives because of his addiction to porn , or his old love affair with Stephanie Brook. Whatsoever, his victims deserve love and respect. They are worth one million roses.

Rest in peace girls

Ted Bundy’s lovers

It is so creepy to see that people on Facebook join Ted Bundy’s lovers group. I believe they are ill and need some help. This thing upsets me because Ted didn’t kill one of their families . It is very unfortunate that people glorify him a lot.